Chicago Gallery News Interview
June 2018

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photo by Brenda Hernandez


November 2020

I have found a few levels of depth in my processes of making art. On one end is empirical research where I live, observe, explore and extend my physical body to limits that evolve as I age. From these experienced moments I derive stream-of-conscious text that is placed throughout my visual work. On the other end is a complete dive into a subject presented to me or that has piqued my interest, eg. particle collision, quantum time, physiology of a broken heart, Alzheimer’s Disease, gun violence. I explode the subject into pieces and dig through until I find a path to it’s simplicity – a conclusion of sorts. I do not have a limit to materials or type of presentation for my work and therefore consider myself an interdisciplinary artist.

Michelle Graves is an interdisciplinary artist who uses research and text for the foundation of her existential work. She received a BFA in Photography from Indiana University in 2003 and an MFA from Columbia College Chicago in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media in 2012. Graves is currently the Adobe Instructor and Digital Advisor for Denver Ad School and blog writer for Art on the City. As of January 2021, Graves resides in Las Vegas.

From 2004 to 2020 she lived in Chicago where she was involved in multiple organizations and collaborations. Organizations included: Co-founder and former Chair (2017-2020) of Agitator Gallery – a Chicago storefront turned online magazine; former Owner/Head Curator (2018-2021) of State of the Art – a fine art consulting, curation and installation LLC; a Co-founder, former Marketing Manager, skater and coach (2007-2019) for the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby team. Recent collaborations includes making work with artist John Airo as well as joining the artists of American Roulette – an exhibit navigating American gun culture and our violent society.  

Michelle Graves, director of Agitator Gallery in Chicago, sources her style through a seemingly obsessive and careful discussion with line and text; breaking, dissecting and constantly interrogating her subjects and materials. – Darius Airo, April 2019

Michelle Graves from Kraze Videography on Vimeo.



Self Portrait Series, 2015-2017



photo by 9 Muses Photography