Glyph Studio, Chicago, IL
My lovely 1400′ shared studio nook and rooftop in East Garfield Park, Chicago. (Showing the upstairs loft and roof deck.)

I am an interdisciplinary artist meaning I do not like to limit myself to any one medium.  Clicking on a medium in the menu will query the projects using that medium.  Here are loose descriptions of the categorized list:


DRAWING: Any drawing that is not what I call “Design Aesthetic Freestyle”

INK ON PAPER: Mainly the “Design Aesthetic Freestyle”

LARGE SCALE & INSTALLATION: Any canvas over about 4×4′ and installations.

LASER CUT:  Any thing where a laser cutter is used.

MULTIMEDIA:  Exactly this.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Images taken with a camera or scanner.  You can tell what has been composited in Photoshop.

STENCIL: Anything that used stencils.

VIDEO: Abstract or document videos.

ZINES: Xerox copied booklets.