Abstract Videos

These videos are short conceptual explorations of movement through space paired with phrases relevant to my general concerns in existentialism and finding a calm within the chaos.

Two Moons (Ode To Bea), 2021
A tribute to a beautiful new friend who passed away unexpectedly.


Wait (#2), 2017


Movement, Motivation, Momentum, 2011
Originally a flip book printed on an offset machine.



Talk About It, 2010
I recorded my voice using a contact mic on my throat and made the audio graph with MaxMSP. This is a 30 second clip of the original.



Words, 2009
A short animation of 12 different writings that use similar vocabulary. The audio is layers of voiceovers matching the moving text. (3:33)



Broken, 2009
A short video. (1:45)



Unearthing, 2003
The original format of this is a book that opens from the center.



Unveil, 2003
A short video (3:01) part of an installation titled, Real.


Hidden, 2002
(a .swf file to be revisited soon)
This is a “choose your own adventure” interactive video. Click Play then every time the screen stops, there are 2 clickable choices for 4 different endings.


Something, 2002
This video is from my very experimental undergrad years. The title “Something” represents the concept of a need to search but not knowing what to search for. The conclusion in this video is almost embarrassing now but I still feel the deep intention. I continue to search for this unknown “something” years later through a more scientific lens of consciousness, neuroscience and astronomy.