Documentation & Presentation Videos

In finding a solution to present my work articulately and creatively, I began to think of the typical presentation as an artwork itself. Presentations crossed over into performative work and meta-processes were documented. Performative and installation documentation videos also live here.

Momentum In Survival, 2020
Mural on the facade of the Able Printing Services in Berwyn, IL painted in August 2020. (text below)

Today I saw two vines spiraled around each other as if they were holding onto a familiar a friend a support a structure that might disappear some day but the vines have many many tendrils and continue to make connections as it grows and spreads

Like a non-destructive fire of warmth that spans and blankets the ice and cold to a balance a craving an entropy a movement that occurs to find the balance a direction of trajectory dispersed…this is what time is made of an innate gravity attraction of calm and chaos

The energy of the sun which does tangle and cross and reorganizes sometimes causing a sudden explosion that all can feel a burst that’s grounding as toes are cooled by dew on blades of grass the sun rises vines spiral more without knowing where but with momentum in survival forgiveness and acceptance.


Endurance, 2020 (with voiceover in the order of which it was written)
Mural on the facade of the Violet Hour, Chicago painted in May 2020 during the beginning of the worldwide pandemic.


Entropy=Balance (Time Has Little Meaning Anymore), 2018
Studies of ink/water diffusion and thoughts of entropy.


What Will I Take From This Experience?, 2016  (0:30)
Time lapse, layered documentation.


Analyzation of Style Through Design Aesthetic Freestyle Writing, 2014.  (7:36)
A meta-documentation of what I call Design Aesthetic Freestyle Writing.


New Media Caucus 2012 Los Angeles Presentation (4:14)
A proposal of my masters thesis, Transgression Through Your Breath, 2012


Death -> Heart -> Breath, 2011-12 (about 10 min each)
The original “experimental lecture” examines the three main points of discourse in my bodies of work from 2002 to 2011. Parts of this lecture trigger deep, personal raw emotion clearly present in the first iteration of this presentation. Other iterations became less emotional with the repetition of the lecture and attempts to articulate my ideas with perfection. The second video is the 14th iteration of the lecture.


Design Aesthetic Freestyle Writing Reel, 2010-2011 (3:00)
A compilation with voiceover of some early Freestyle Writing drawings.



Clouds Are All I See, 2010 (7:26)
A performance with letter stenciled blocks.

Untitled (Heart), 2002  (0:10)
Documentation of a life-sized nude self-portrait image transferred to canvas with a burnt hole displayed in front of a single channel video looping clip of an actual human heart beating.
(cropped for modesty purposes.)