Momentum In Survival, 2020
Mural on the facade of the Able Printing Services in Berwyn, IL painted in August 2020. (text below)

Today I saw two vines spiraled around each other as if they were holding onto a familiar a friend a support a structure that might disappear some day but the vines have many many tendrils and continue to make connections as it grows and spreads

Like a non-destructive fire of warmth that spans and blankets the ice and cold to a balance a craving an entropy a movement that occurs to find the balance a direction of trajectory dispersed…this is what time is made of an innate gravity attraction of calm and chaos

The energy of the sun which does tangle and cross and reorganizes sometimes causing a sudden explosion that all can feel a burst that’s grounding as toes are cooled by dew on blades of grass the sun rises vines spiral more without knowing where but with momentum in survival forgiveness and acceptance.



Entering and Exiting, 2017
A “choose your own adventure” installation.

Emerging Artist “Outstanding Submission” Award at Cleve Carney Gallery, June 2017.



Connection, 2016
Stream of conscious associative word writing.

Connection, 2016 Michelle Graves



Walk (Staircase), 2016
Site specific stream of conscious writing.   Installed at the Uptown Arts, Preston Bradley Center, Chicago.

Transcript for Walk (Staircase), 2017 (pdf)