Love Sick (Existential Robots)

Existential robots who contemplate love and being alive. Technology scraps, ink on paper, laser cut wood, canvas. Dimensions vary.

Disturbing The Order, 2016  14×17″

Disturbing The Order, 2016 , Michelle Graves, Chicago Art, Text Art


Wait, Where Are We Going?, 2015  9×9″

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?, 2015  2×2″


Love Sick, 2014  8×10″ series displayed in conjunction with a collaborative mural (below) by Sean Backus aka Cero aka Beezy, Vyto Grybauskas aka Des or Dez and Michelle Graves aka Graves.  See more Beezy & Graves collaboration.

Love Sick, 2014 by Cero, Des, & Graves