Studies of Social Failure

A time period in my life from 2012 to 2013 where I documented specific "failed" moments or durations. Speckled in this body of work are self portrait personas. Total in all are 10 self portraits and 22 moments, not all shown. All drawings are 18x24' vertical or horizontal.


Michelle Graves

Installation @ Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago


Studies Of Social Failure (Intro), 2013
The first take of this short paragraph read out-loud was the intro to a presentation I gave on this body of work called Studies of Social Failure. I compiled all 15 takes to show a progression and reworking of the words embodying and embracing simple human failure.  This video was exhibited with all 32 drawings.


Studies Of Social Failure (Compilation with intro #15), 2012-2013
A selected compilation of Social Failure studies with a recorded intro (take #15) and voiceover of text read from the drawings.