Michelle Graves Full CV (pdf)

Victoria Secret Catalogue

• Specific color correction
• Skin and clothing perfection

Color Correction

• Make slightly less warm toned

Stats LLC

• Cut out headshots (for all NFL 32 teams, average of 90 players on team) and leave on transparent background.

Volvo I-Pod Promo

• Extend background and overlay music note.

Volvo Promo Tote Bags

• Change color to khaki and add Volvo logos.

Nestlé Coffee Mate

• Make banner with laptop, table, labels, coffee with steam
• Use all flavors

• Photograph model and place in large dispenser scene


Miller Lite

• Add beer and halo
• Remove tattoo
• Change background to blue



• Add comb to hand


Create Box

• Convert 2 boxes to 3



• Add logo to scooter


Book Cover

• Make crackle and disperse effect
• Add red lips
• Choose fonts for book cover

Background Edit

• Take out car and recreate building
• Lighten shadows on arms


Jelly Belly

• Color change original bottle to all 10 flavors
• Add label

Goose Island


• Composite flavor for label
• Add label to bottles