I dabble with many different subjects in my bodies of work.  Here is a general list that could be divided up into way too many categories.


ANATOMY: Physiology helps explain what happens to the body during certain experiences.  There are unknowns to explore in neuroscience and so many metaphors to play with.


DOCUMENT: This subject is either documentation of performative work or a lecture.

EIGHT BIT HEARTS: The red and blue Eight Bit Heart came about as a solution to represent both technology and anatomy.  It works well as a symbol in public, relates to the current arcade movement, and goes well with my Robot subject.

FREESTYLE WRITING:  Stream-of-conscious writing influenced by a word, subject or surrounding atmosphere.  “Design Aesthetic Freestyle Writing” is a formulaic process utilizing this form of writing within the parameters of a canvas size and splatters laid on the page.

ROBOTS:  Robots are my go to subject when I’m feeling a bit cray.  I imagine myself going into robot-mode to find any amount of productivity. Adding existential thoughts to the robots adds a light-heartedness to my otherwise serious thoughts.

SELF PORTRAITURE:  What easier subject than the self.  I am all I truly know anyway.